Top 5 Community Colleges in the Tacoma Area

Community colleges get a bad rap.For some reason, the public is imagination ankles community colleges as places for people who are not good enough to go to four-reality schools.In year community college may be your Best bet.If your high school education was not so great, you'll be able to catch up and get ready for a four-year school, or if you are just looking for employment, many colleges community can prepare you to work for their professional and technical programs. If you are in Tacoma, Washington area, here are some schools you should consider: Green River Community CollegeMain Campus12401 SE 320th StreetAuburn, WA 98092-3622Auburn - (253 ) 833-9111 Eastside - (206) 464-6133 Tacoma - (253) 924-0180TDD - (253) 288-3359 / Directions and mapsNamed River that winds through most of its service area, Green River Community College is a two-year public college in Washington State that offers degrees and certificates in academic programs and professional and technical, as well as courses in continuing education and development education.

Situated on 186 acres, Green River was committed to maintaining the ecological integrity of the campus forest programs growth.Degree: Certificates, combines courses degreesOnline: YesApply online: Yes, enrollment / admissions / index.shtmBranch campus: Yes, in Kent and EnumclawCost: Appx $ 3,000 (tuition and fees) by yearScholarships and financial aid: Financial assistance is available to all eligible students. Please see the money for the top College for housing details. Student: Yes, please see:…

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